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The more the light shines through me I pretend to close my eyes
The more the dark consumes me I pretend I'm burning bright
Open Your Eyes {3/?} 
30th-Dec-2007 03:29 pm

Open Your Eyes {3/?}
Rating: R [to be safe? May change at a later date.]
Pairing: j2 <3
Disclaimer: This is not real. I don’t own the boys. I don’t even own the screen names.
Notes: Huge thanks to nemo_88 for beta’ing this chapter. <3 and thanks to everyone who commented on it last time. Annnd. Umm sorry it took so long. Rl is a pain.
Summary: Jared thinks Jensen's an ass.
Chad thinks he's creepy. Sandy thinks he's sweet. Sophia thinks Jared wants Jensen's ass. And Jensen? Well, Jensen stares a lot.

 Chapter Three

“Why didn’t you write anything back?” Sophia had cornered him in the classroom as soon as the bell rang.

“I thought I should start paying attention,” he lied. “You know, try to learn something for a change.”

“You sure I didn’t scare you off?” Sophia laughed a little and her brows were raised.


“Uh huh.”

“I’m serious.”

“Of course you are” She kind of reminded him of Chad in that moment, except for the innocent smile she flashed him before she left.

 “I’m hungry!” Sandy’s voice rang out a second later and he glanced up. He didn’t know how she made it from her classroom on the other side of the building to his so quickly.


“So what’s taking you so long?” Sandy stepped further into the classroom and he quickly tucked the note into his pocket so she couldn’t see. 

“Nothing,” he mumbled while he gathered up the rest of his stuff. “Just getting my books.”

“Doesn’t take a year.”

“I know that” He couldn’t help feeling a little annoyed at her impatient tone; Jared hadn’t asked her to wait for him even though she always met him here before they walked to his locker, met up with Chad and headed to lunch. 

“Then get your butt moving.”

“I am.”

“Your new nickname is going to be ‘Snail’,” Sandy teased and Jared rolled his eyes, following her out of the classroom. His hands felt itchy and he tried to clear his head, nerves and everything else while they walked towards his locker.




For once Jared was actually dreading the weekend. Okay, well he was and he wasn’t. In about equal parts, the whole meeting-up-with-Jensen thing really had his head screwed up. It was just a project and while he kept reminding himself of that, somehow his downstairs brain just did not understand the memo. It could not be convinced.

Tomorrow was the Big Day and he couldn’t sleep. The thought of jumping Jensen as soon as he walked through the door was circling in his mind. Doing something like that would be the most embarrassing thing… ever. Hands down. The worst. Jensen would probably tell people, who would tell other people, and eventually it’d get back to his people. Who would never let him live it down. 

Still, despite all that evidence as to why he should be asleep instead of sitting at his computer still didn’t make his eyes close or anything. Ugh.

Make it Mayhem: Yo dumbass. What’re you doing up?

Jared blinked at the screen, trying to focus his eyes as he realized Chad had, for once, actually IMed him from his normal SN. Miracles do happen.

LOL AT JARED: Nothing much. What are you doing up?

Make it Mayhem: Looking at porn.

LOL AT JARED: I didn’t need to know that.

Make it Mayhem: You asked idiot.

LOL AT JARED: Fuck off.

Make it Mayhem: I intend to.

LOL AT JARED: Ewww. Asshole. That is one mental image I did not need.

Make it Mayhem:  C’mon sweetie. If you’re real nice Jaredina, I’ll let you help.

LOL AT JARED: You’ve got issues man.

Make it Mayhem: Never said I didn’t. 

LOL AT JARED: Okay. So why are you really up?

Make it Mayhem:  I couldn’t sleep.

LOL AT JARED: Why not??

Make it Mayhem: I dunno. Guess I’m just worried about tomorrow’s game.  

Now Jared didn’t usually make it a habit to stroke Chad’s ego [so to speak] but he also didn’t want his friend up all night because he thought he sucked and was going to lose. Times like these, his friend really surprised him, considering most of the time Chad was so confident in everything he did that the possibility of failing never crossed his mind. Or at least that’s what Chad liked everyone to think.  

LOL AT JARED: Don’t worry. You’re going to do fine. You always do. :P

Make it Mayhem: I know ‘cause I’m good like that.




When Saturday finally rolled around, Jared had never felt so nervous in his life, which was pretty ridiculous. It wasn’t a date. Wasn’t even close to being a date. So, why then, had he spent the last hour trying on every single item of clothing he owned? He couldn’t say and it was so dumb since Jensen more than likely wouldn’t give a fuck what he wore.

And why should he? As far as Jared knew, the guy was straight and while, yeah, he stared a lot, that didn’t necessarily mean anything, right? FUCK! He was so screwed. He was going to throw up. He was acting like a 12-year-old girl with his first real crush. Jensen was going to show up soon and probably act like nothing was going on [because outside of Jared’s very imaginative mind there WASN’T] while Jared stood there stammering and tried not to drool all over his interview sheet…

After nearly five more minutes of sitting on his bed, staring helplessly at the piles of clothes strewn about his room and acting like a mopey little bitch, Jared shook his head. All he’d accomplished since deciding it was time to get ready for Jensen’s arrival was making his room look like a bomb had just gone off. He’d never be ready at this rate and sitting around did nothing to shake the jitters. What Jared needed to do was get up and move around to eliminate all the extra energy or else he’d be bouncing around like a bunny on crack. Damn. Talk about fidgety.

A quick look at the clock told Jared he had about 30 minutes left before he’d be stuck answering the door in his boxers which might <s>get the point across</s> be just a tiny bit inappropriate. But he had absolutely nothing to wear. Really. There was nothing suitable and the deadline looming over his head did little to calm his frenzy. And if Jared was being honest he was slightly confused by his own insane worry over what to put on. It wasn’t that he was a slob and never gave his appearance any thought but he’d never given it this much consideration before.

He was seriously desperate!


If his sister was home he would be banging on her door begging for her help which only showed how pathetic he really was. But she wasn’t and so he’d just have to pick the clothes on top. Yep. Only maybe that wasn’t such a brilliant plan come to think of it because the next thing Jared knew he was standing there in swim trunks and a pale pink button up. Not exactly his most polished outfit and definitely not one that would make a good impression, not that he was trying to or anything. Because he so wasn’t.




By the time Jared crossed the threshold into the kitchen there wasn’t much time left. He had finally after much debate decided on his favorite jeans and a grey t-shirt which he paired with a black over shirt. It wasn’t the most awesome look ever but it wasn’t too dressy and besides, Jensen saw him in what he wore to school which most days was whatever was clean and close by. All in all, he was sure he’d survive but he was already sweating and his mouth felt like dust. He really wished he had a walk-in cooler he could stand in until Jensen showed up… sadly he didn’t and so a cold drink would have to suffice.

Jared's hand slipped against the rim of his glass as he went to grab it, and almost instantly he saw it tip over in slow motion, the cola inside seeping across the counter. He lunged for some napkins but it was too late, and he could feel the cold seeping through his jeans. Jumping out of his seat and hopping up and down on one foot, shaking the soda off of his hands, Jared swore loudly. "Shit!"

He started dabbing at his crotch with a napkin, but the damage was done. He looked like a four year old who hadn't made it to the bathroom on time.  

And because his life is just that perfect Jensen had to choose that exact moment to ring the doorbell. Oh fuck. Fuck. Fuck. What was he going to do now?! There was no possible way he could open the door looking like this. No way. Only. What would Jensen think if he didn’t answer? What then? He’d probably hate him and never come near him again. Which would definitely put a huge dent in Jared’s nonexistent plan. Jared took one last look at his stained jeans before making a decision.


2nd-Jan-2008 02:10 am (UTC)
you stopped there.... lol oh goodness should we be scared of what jared's decision is??? lol
4th-Jan-2008 01:36 am (UTC)
I wouldn't say scared. buuut. :] don't worry I plan to update soonish.
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