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The more the light shines through me I pretend to close my eyes

The more the dark consumes me I pretend I'm burning bright

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Kendra. Twenty one. Rambly. Loyal. Emotional. Random. Friendly.
Loves Fanfic. Writing. Books. Photoshop. Jared & Jensen. Quotes.
Ships Jared/Jensen. Michael/Maria. Nathan/Haley. Piper/Leo. Brooke/Lucas. Cassie/Sid. Burke/Yang.
Tv shows Supernatural. Roswell. Charmed. Grey's Anatomy. One Tree Hill. The L Word. Ugly Betty. Skins.
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I wanted to say that this thing has been screwed up from the beginning. You and me. Us. Just the whole long, stupid story... But I wouldn't trade it for anything. It's meant so much to me, y'know. From day one, from the moment I kidnapped you and stole your car... I knew you were the girl for me. I never wanted anyone else... I still don't. Just... Wherever I'm goin', whatever I'm doin', just know I'll always love you.
; M&M Roswell
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